Free Live Pack: Upright Delicious Bass

Tasty bass for your friends and family!

Included in this pack are 250 48khz 24bit Romanian upright BASS samples packaged into a smooth expressive Ableton Live Instrument Rack.

This pack includes hard and soft expressions, short plucked sounds, sustained and sustained vibrato samples, delicately tucked into a lovely instrument rack.  These can be layered of played on their own.

We threw in some reverb and distortion so you don’t have to go hunting every time you wanna shoosh it up with a little flavor, you smooth operator, you. Yeah you, we’re talking to you.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share with your friends. They are absolutely free for all commercial and non-commercial use. All we ask is that you refrain from re-releasing as part of a new sample pack (unless you credit us).

Much love from the Downbeat Dojo Team.