Downbeat Dojo is a collective of premium music instructors and content creators in Seattle and the Bay Area.


Are you looking to take your music and DJing to the next level?

Do you have Ableton Live but still haven’t written that killer song or made that DJ mix you’ve been planning?

We Create a Custom Curriculum tailored to your specific needs.

Learn 1 on 1 in a real studio environment from instructors with 10+ years of experience and dozens of commercial releases.

Sure, there’s free tutorials and study on your own courses or books available on the net, but experience has shown us that the fastest and most effective way to increase the quality and quantity of your musical output is through 1 on 1 in person instruction. There is simply no better way to reach your goals quickly and efficiently. Not only that but we offer a price that beats online courses!

We believe that music is a transformative force for good in the world. Let us give you the tools to realize your artistic vision.


4 Sessions (2 Hours Each, a total of 8 Hours of 1 on 1 in person instruction) for $299 (that’s $50 off our regular price).

How can we offer this service at such a low cost? Because we believe in supporting a vibrant and expressive music scene in the pacific northwest and beyond. No one who wants to make music should go without access to the skills and tools they need. On top of that? We love what we do. We love sharing knowledge with students and listening to their music. We want to offer a price that is affordable for someone working a regular job.

In addition to 8 hours of instruction we give you a set of class notes and on-line resources to reinforce the knowledge gained in your personalized sessions. These materials ensure that you retain every scrap of knowledge that we provide.

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